Skin is the outermost layer of the body and can directly reflect the health of the body. Having a healthy body will lead to healthy skin. Daily habits, nutritional intake and genetic makeup all affect the skin condition.

LM SKINCENTRE combines the genetic testing services of Nutrigenomix®, the advanced body composition analyzer Inbody® 770S and the latest skin analyzer Visia 7® to analyze your skin and body health. Our experienced dietitians will provide you with the most appropriate dietary advice according to your genetic testing reports and your daily eating habits. We will follow up and evaluate them on a regular basis. We will revise the suggestions based on individual progress and circumstances. Our professional doctor will advise you the type of skin treatments and the use of professional skin products ZO® SKIN HEALTH depending on your skin condition. LM SKINCENTRE is a clinical partner of the University of Toronto in Canada providing genetic testing services for its biotechnology company Nutrigenomix®.


Individual genetic variation can affect a person’s response to nutrients and impact the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases. Launch in 2012, Nutrigenomix® is a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition.

  • The test is simple and non-invasive
  • The report covers these 7 areas of health:  Nutrient Metabolism, Cardiometabolic Health, Weight Management, Eating Habits, Food Intolerances, Physical Activity, and Injury risk

According to your DNA test result, our experienced dietitian will provide personalized consultation and dietary strategy. It helps apply the recommendations into your daily life and monitor your progress. For example:

Weight Management

FTO gene - Individuals with the AA genotype can benefit from more physical activity and moderate-to-high protein diet regarding weight control.

UCP1 gene – In general, it is recommended to have 500 calories deficit per day in order to lose weight. However, for individuals with the GG or GA genotype, an energy deficit of 650 calories per day is recommended for successful weight loss.

Nutrient Metabolism

GSTT1 gene –Vitamin C is strong antioxidant. It can help anti-aging and boost up immunity. It is also important for building up collagen. Individuals with this risk variant do not process vitamin C from the diet as efficiently as others and are at a greater risk of vitamin C deficiency.

GC gene –Calcium is important element of bone health. Individuals with the risk variant have an increased risk of bone fractures when calcium intake is low.


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