Mature Neck

Similarly to the face, the neck is often exposed to the elements and is therefore equally as susceptible to many of the signs of aging.


Uneven Pigmentation / Mottled Look due to sun-damage
Laser Photorejuvenation
Fractional Lasers

Horizontal Neck Lines
Dermal Fillers

Skin laxity, "creepiness"
Laser Photorejuvenation

Platysmal Bands (Vertical Muscular Bands)

Skincare tips
To reduce signs of ageing on the neck, just like the face, it is important to cover up and use sunscreens to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun. Most anti-ageing skincare products intended for the face are also recommended for use on the neck and décolletage. However, in the case of skincare products containing glycolic acid or retinol, a milder formula should be used on the delicate neck area as it is more prone to irritation.


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