Thread Face Lifting

Thread face lifting of facial skin improves facial sagging, it is another effective option for face lifting other than surgical face lift, HIFU and radiofrequency.

Thread face lifting is the use of surgical absorbable suture, made of different lengths. The doctor implants the suture into the skin layer. The doctor will determine the number of threads based on the severity of laxity and the type of sutures, ranging from several to dozens of suture lines. The suture is fixed on the fascia of the face, pulling the skin tissue at both ends to tighten the skin layer and at the same time increase skin elasticity and firmness, and reduce facial wrinkles.

Most of the suture lines are made of absorbable material, and will be dissolved, absorbed and excreted from the body in several months. The threading effect varies from a few months to 1-2 year.

LM SKINCENTRE uses the Happy Lift (revitalizing) manufactured by Menarini Group. The result is immediate.  Happy Lift (revitalizing) is a absorable, monofilament, suspension barbed threads of syrthetic origin (poly- L-lactic acid and caprolactone, p(LA-CL)). Happy Lift threads are specially designed to obtain an immediate lifting effect and a delayed lifting effect, due to the fibrosis that appears along the length of the thread. The barbs is so specially designed to enage the thread to curve at about 180 degree, creating a "J stich". Comparing with plain suture lines, the result is better and immediate.

Although thread face lifting utilizes dissolvable materials, patient may experience side effects. Most side effect are temporary, like swelling, uneven skin and asymmetry. They usually return to normal after recovery, but a small percentage of patient may continue to have unevenness or depression.

Price for thread face lifting: depends on the type and number of suture lines. For details, please contact our center.


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