Moisturizing- Skin Rejuvenation

Youthful skin relies on moisture and collagen, which changes over time. The loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastic fibres results in dry, rough and less elastic skin.

Regular Neauvia™ Hydro Deluxe treatment solves both issues in one easy step. Neauvia™ Hydro Deluxe allows both moisture locking hyaluronic acid and biostimulating agents to boost your skin from within, restoring elasticity and firmness of your skin.

Skin Aging

Skin changes over time: Collagen, elastic fibres and hyaluronic acid disintegrate and start to lose their functions. Skin becomes:

  • dehydrated
  • rough and dull
  • lost in elasticity and firmness

Neauvia™ Hydro Deluxe can stimulate collagen generation and skin moisturization

The ingredients of Neauvia™ Hydro Deluxe contains Hyaluronic Acid, Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Glycine and L-proline. Hyaluronic acid can effectively hold up water molecules; Calcium Hydroxyapatite stimulates collagen generation; Glycine and L-proline are necessary nutrients for collagen generation.

After injection into the skin, it effectively boosts skin’s moisture and elasticity and increase collagen generation, allowing your natural beauty shin.

Product is innovated in Swiss and manufactured in Italy. It is CE and KFDA approved.


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